Concentrio gets certified under standard ISO 9001:2015

Our product and service comes now with a quality mark

A hand holds an ISO 9001 certificate with the Concentrio logo.


Last July 12th, Concentrio AG was assessed and found to be in compliance with the Standard ISO 9001:2015 applicable to “Development of Software solutions and products”. The certifying company was LL-C, an independent third party which made sure that we offer a product and service according to our customers expectations.

ISO 9001 quality management system is the world’s best-known quality improvement standard. ISO 9001 provides the guarantee of a good quality management in a company. Its brand certificates that the quality standard of a product and/or service is high and stand in front of its public and over its competitors.

This certificate underlines Concentrio’s high demand for quality, productivity and swiftness and its will to eliminate possible failures in production or service deficiencies. Check the certificate here.

Our compromise with quality won’t end here, as we plan to certify soon under TISAX, the standard that ensures that automotive companies providers offer a proper information security.

About Concentrio

Concentrio AG was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of jember GmbH for Concentrio Tool Suite product development and solution provider for complex systems. We are an agile, innovative and state-of-the-art start-up company. Our team is passionate about technology, and believes in the progress that digital transformation brings to people and businesses. We work as a team with our customers to develop cutting-edge, high-performance solutions that make accessible what’s not.