Concentrio Tool Suite

Concentrio CoSi

CoSi Scheme

Our evaluation system and Data Analysis Tool

Concentrio CoSi is an analysis tool designed to visualize, analyze and make more accessible data from dependency nets. The signal dependencies nets are built based on the information contained in Concentrio’s GML template.

The tool has been optimized to allow users to query, search and filter the most relevant information. It also allows you to export and store all generated results.


Look and feel
The tool is accessible using a web browser . Through the front end, the user can easily manage all functionalities in an intuitive way. User manual and different video tutorials are available to help new users get familiar with the tool and master its capabilities.

Snapshot of CoSi’s frontend.

Use Cases Portfolio:

Diagnostics & OBD

  • Analysis of all vehicle’s fault codes / diagnostics which can lead to an engine Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL-ON) event.
  • Generation of I/O lists.
  • Detection of non-conformities.
  • Satisfy legislative requirements.

Software Architecture & development

Graphical representation of the SW architecture:

  • Software architecture’s depth & erosion becomes transparent to the development’s team.
  • Impact of new features can be analyzed.
  • Deviation from architectural best practice’s / guidelines can be easily detected & corrected.

Test and impact analysis

  • Analyzes the most frequently used connections in the system for maximum test coverage.
  • Delta analysis to understand the differences among versions.
  • Synthetic changes can be introduced to study the influence in the system.
  • Impact of new features can be analyzed.

Functional Safety (FuSi) analysis

  • Identification / analysis of FuSi relevant effect chains.
  • Detection of FuSi relevant changes by comparison of SW versions.
  • Identification of potential FuSi threads.
CoSi Functional Safety

Security Analysis

  • Test vulnerability against active attacks on the system.
  • Analysis of the compliance with the security architecture and detection of security weaknesses.
CoSi Security Analysis