We've got goals in mind

Vision, Mission, Strategy and Values

What we want to be

(Our) goals are important


Concentrio brings transparency into the digital world. We empower you to master your complex software systems.


We provide state of the art tools to your experts to manage your complexity, by providing simplicity. 

Our Concentrio Tool Suite enables your organization to gain a fast and easy overview of your software.

We assist your development teams with our expertise and knowhow from pilot to production maturity.

This also reflects our slogan: the future of embedded software management


After many years of experience in the development of highly complex systems and software, we wanted to find solutions that enable us to manage the increasing complexity of these systems.

In particular, the diverse and growing demands placed on the development teams in agile development projects pose great challenges for us all.

With the Concentrio Tool Suite, we want to provide developers with tools that facilitate their work and increase productivity and quality.


Generating solid growth
through customer
satisfaction and referrals

Top Staff

Reacting always with
inquisitiveness and


Focussing on core issues


Success, motivation and speed
through lean processes and
clear distribution of tasks


Cost and performance orientation
ensures attractiveness
and profitability


Cooperation with partner companies
in order to offer our customers
complete solutions


Our values

These goals are embedded in the Concentrio corporate values, which are characterized by the highest quality, openness, transparency, fairness, employee satisfaction and sustainability.

Our commitment

We take our share of responsibility for the future and are committed to our employees, our society and our environment beyond our company:

  • Environmental awareness and social responsibility are part of Concentrio’s DNA.
  • We are committed to being CO2 neutral, not just for the business, but for the whole Concentrio family.

We achieve this goals by planting 50,000 rainforest trees as CO2 compensation per year using 100% renewable energy resource-saving operation.