Innovative solutions in the range of
embedded software management

Concentrio Suite

the future of embedded software management

Concentrio AG supports the development of complex systems in the embedded world with its toolsuite. As a key partner for manufacturers and Tier-1 of the automotive industry, we solve problems that arise with increasing complexity of software development and integration of networked embedded systems.


Our highly innovative product platform
and services offer…

  • Sense of innovation
  • Many years of experience in software development in Autombil and aerospace
  • Technology and solutions down to the detail
  • Highly motivated and competent employees who know the problems from experience
  • Agile product development

Concentrio Suite

Based on the software code, we create a signal network with our innovative Concentrio Suite, which shows all the relationships of the software elements (up to signal level).

Cyber Security

The security team delivers both technical and process-based product security solutions for embedded devices.

Service & consultation

The Concentrio team fully supports its customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We offer in all relevant areas, such as analysis, adaptation and installation, maintenance, etc. a holistic range of customized services.