The future of embedded software management

The need of modern systems: to manage the complexity of Software

Due to the increased complexity of modern control units and vehicle functions as well as the growing diversity of vehicle variants, there is a rising demand for SW complexity management.

Means of transportation are fast becoming large IoT devices.

Increasing legislative requirements on Software deployed (e.g. CARB).

Agile methodologies necessary to develop and launch more cars models per year to keep with upward trend (around 84M global new vehicle sales in 2022).

Development teams work in silos.

Technical resources within an organization are usually limited.


The challenge

A modern vehicle, be it a car, train or aeroplane, is a complex SW system where thousands, even millions, of nodes interact and exchange instant communication. A single vehicle has over 100 ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) containing up to 5000 modules and producing more than 10 million interconnections. It needs consensus in any specification or parameter change. Concentrio Tool Suite allows Software complexity management.


Our mission is to provide a tool that enables all users to have an easy and fast overview of the complete SW running on an ECU / vehicle.

Based on the 鈥渢ruth鈥: the software code with a maximum of automation.

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