The need of modern systems: to manage the complexity of Software


A modern vehicle, be it a car, train or airplane, is a complex SW system where thousands, even millions, of signals interact and exchange instant communication. For instance, a modern car has over 100 ECUs (Electronic Control Unit), with an ever-increasing computational power, producing more than 10 million interconnections.

This complexity makes it extremely difficult to efficiently develop and upgrade these systems, create and maintain the needed documentation as well as comply with the demands of legislations.

OUR SOLUTION: Creating a Digital Twin

We provide state of the art tools to your experts to manage your complexity, by providing simplicity.

Our Concentrio Tool Suite enables users to have an easy and fast overview of the complete SW running on your system.

Our solution makes interdependencies clearly visible based on the “truth”: the software source code, while maximizing the level of automation.

· Master complexity, by compiling a Digital Twin on a signal level which allows to master, filter, visualize and extract a considerate and complex amount of data.

· Synthesize base architecture on a signal level, by generating an interdependency signal matrix based on a complete Software stack.

· Improve and ensure a consistent data quality over multiple versions, by collecting version-based delta data sets.

· Save time and reduce costs on development and testing, by understanding the impact of Software changes at correcting inconsistencies at an early stage.

· Build and improve post-sales performance through the enhanced architecture, by using diagnostics services with actionable insights from the Software and predict failure from the signal to the electronic component level.

Discover Concentrio Tool Suite, our innovative solution for complex software systems management