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Concentrio CAT

Our Code Analysis Tool


Concentrio CAT is a tool designed to create a signal net from embedded code. To achieve that, CAT calculates dependencies between signals and generates a textual description of the dependencies, the GML files. This behavior can be seen in the below image.

The information extracted in the GMLs contains all the dependency information while protecting the intellectual property (I.P.) of the SW manufacturer. Those files can be uploaded to Concentrio CoSi for visualization and further analysis of the signal net.

Concentrio CAT’s primary targets are embedded applications as found in automotive, aero­nautics, transportation and space industry.

Look and feel
CAT can be accessed using a web browser. All functionalities can be easily managed through the front end or via an API for easy CI/CD integration. There is an user manual as well as different video tutorials available to help new users get familiar with the tool and master all of its capabilities.

Beispiel Concentrio CAT Frontend

Snapshot of CAT’s frontend.

CAT analyzes the information from the code and extract the dependencies at a signal level.