Success Story

Learn about how we can help in OBD certification


Success Story

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) updated its requirements in 2019, specifying:

(2.8) A listing of all electronic powertrain input and output signals (including those not monitored by the OBD II system) that identifies which signals are monitored by the OBD II system.

Our customer, a German premium OEM, asked us for help, as they didn’t have the ability to produce such big reports in the required timeframe. Concentrio Tool Suite allowed them to give up traditional (and slower) approach of manual creation of signal nets for complex/multiple ECUs. The operation was replaced for two major ECUs.

Now, they can partly automatize the operation based on code analysis. Our approach of create, exchange and analyze leads to proven results.

Not only the customer was able to successfully deliver pioneering results to CARB using Concentrio Tool Suite. The operation works on two different levels: ECU and vehicle:

  • ECU: With two stakeholders: the OEM & the supplier, including regular and dual bank architectures.
  • Vehicle (engine, transmission and brakes).