security solutions for embedded systems

How can I secure my product?

  • What security functions does the hardware provide?
  • Which problems can I solve with technical solutions and where do I need to change processes?
  • How can I lock my device down without hampering development?
  • How do I activate critical security features with minimal impact on the rest of the development team and project timeline?
  • How can I manage the (secret) product keys?

I need to fulfil a whole lot of security requirements – what are they, where do they come from and how can I be compliant?

  • What are my internal security requirements? What gaps did my own risk analysis expose?
  • What are external regulations and standards are relevant for my product and where in the world are they applicable?

How and when should I implement the necessary security features while meeting the project KPI’s?

  • Should I solve it in hardware or software?
  • What security measure needs to be implemented when?

How can I be sure (test) that my product has implemented all state-of-the-art security countermeasures – both technical and process-based?

  • Which publically known vulnerabilities are in my product?
  • How can I achieve sufficient security test coverage in time?
  • Which functions should be penetration tested and when?

What happens after my product is in the field?

  • How do I manage incident response?
  • Am I still able to diagnose issues with field returns?
  • Is my software supply chain “security ready”?

We can solve these problems by drawing on years of experience implementing bespoke product/ECU security solutions.