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Evaluation and Data Analysis Tool

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Concentrio CoSi


Our evaluation system and Data Analysis Tool

CoSi imports CAT data into a graph database. Here, the various control units of a vehicle can be assembled into a virtual twin and run analyses. In CoSi there is also an additional enrichment of the vehicle data by attribution such as OBD, emission, etc. which can be stored in a vehicle-specific manner and inherited in the relevant signal network.

On this basis, highly complex requests can be made to the signal network with a few clicks. Predefined search and filter options as well as visualization in the front end facilitate the handling of the complex signal/active networks.

How does it work?


Input of Data:

  • Import GML files
    • Generated from CAT
    • Generic created based on a predefined format
  • Filter Must- and Blocklist
  • List of additional signal attributes


With the import of these data the system can provide different outputs:

  • Creation of a digital twin on the vehical component level (ECU+BUS)
  • Calculation, filtering and visualisation of signal chains
  • Create analysis focused on:
    • Diagnostic & OBD
    • Software Architecture and development
    • Test automation
    • Security
    • Safety

Current Use Cases:

Diagnostics & OBD

Analysis of all vehicle’s fault codes/diagnostics which can lead to an engine Malfunction Indicator Light” (MIL-ON) event.

Software Architecture & development

Graphical representation of the SW architecture:

  • Software architecture’s depth & erosion becomes transparent to the development’s team.
  • Impact of new features can be analyzed.
  • Deviation from architectural best practice’s / guidelines can be easily detected & corrected.

Test automation

Test strategy analysis

  • Analysis the most frequently used connections in the
    system for maximum test coverage.
  • Delta analysis to understand the differences among versions.
  • Goal: Reducing testing coverage between the latest changes.